Facebook & Instagram Update Page Verification Process New Rules and Requirements For Obtaining a Verified Business or Personal Page

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We’ve got some news for influencers and business pages – recently announced changes from Facebook and Instagram mean more hoops will need to be jumped through to obtain a page verification.

The announcement was made in a recent blog post published on the Facebook for Creators page. In the post, Facebook explains new “improvements” to the verification process for Facebook and Instagram account holders, and provides detailed information about:

  • What verification is

  • How pages can get verified

  • What verification means and doesn’t mean

  • and more

Here’s What To Expect From The New Verification Process

To obtain verification for their page, page owners have always been required to submit a verification application form. This is not new, however, Facebook now says that this process is much easier to complete, as page owners are offered more transparency surrounding the requirements for verification.

Other new additions are the following requirements when submitting the form:

  • Specification. Page owners must state what, exactly, is being submitted for verification (can be either a page or profile).

  • Confirmation of Authenticity. Official documentation must be provided for either the business or person applying for verification. This is to prove that you or your business are the owner/are connected to the page or profile seeking verification. Such documentation can include a passport, driver’s license, tax filing, articles of incorporation, or utility bill.

  • Confirmation of Notability. Page owners must select from different categories and state which one best demonstrates that their profile or page is ‘in the public interest.’ They can choose from these categories: News/Media, Government and politics, Sports, Fashion, Music, Entertainer, Gamer, digital creator/blogger/influencer, business/brand /organization, Other.

  • Optional Extras. While not mandatory, page owners can describe their audience and their interests, and why people follow them. You can also list the other names you or your brand uses, including names in different languages. You can also provide five links that prove your page or profile is ‘in the public interest.’

Other Changes

 Along with the changes to the application process, going forward, Facebook will now actively reach out to accounts that are eligible for verification. 

Check out Facebook’s official blog post for more information about the verification process along with the official Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

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