Facebook Debuts Interview Series for Marketers and Advertisers First Instalment Features Insights on Combining Creativity and Data

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Facebook has launched a new series featuring experts sharing how they think digital marketers should move forward in a changing landscape.

The world of web-based marketing and advertising has faced a lot of changes within the last year. Most notably, rules pertaining to privacy are changing, and companies are being forced to think of new ways to advertise without collecting third-party data.

With new restrictions in place pertaining to user data collection, marketers must be tactical to get the insights they need to run successful campaigns.

Last week, Facebook announced it would be rolling out a series and interviews with advertising experts. Titled ‘Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence,’ the series includes insights on advertising and marketing with a modern, refined approach that takes the shifting industry into account.

“Across several chapters, we will explore how the marriage of data and creativity is helping drive best in class advertising and powering better return on investment for brands,” Facebook said.

The series’ first instalment features Facebook’s Australia & New Zealand Head of Marketing Science, Andy Ford, interviewing two experts about the changes to regulations involving data collection and the role that creativity plays. Specifically, the chat featured BMF’s Head of Effectiveness & Data Strategy, Jen Rhodes, and CHE Proximity’s Chief Data Officer, James Greaney.

Rhodes and Greaney both agree that creativity is the main drive for successful advertising. A recent piece of data from a study conducted by Facebook with Analytic Partners and The Lab suggests that 70 percent of the return on an investment for video advertising actually comes from its creative elements.

Still, creatives must be combined with data-driven analysis, the experts explain. They say response data informs their creative work to make sure it aligns with what their audiences are looking for.

They also talk about how machine learning and AI help inform their strategies.

Google previews the series, saying: “In the upcoming first chapter, we explore the world of social video and the best practice strategies brands can employ to drive high level return on investment from their campaigns.”

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