Facebook Business Releases Messenger Lead Generation Feature

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Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Lead Generation to All Advertisers

First announced in May at its F8 Conference, Facebook is now officially releasing its automated lead generation feature for Messenger to all advertisers. The template will begin rolling out this week, giving businesses the ability to create an ad that leads users to an automated question and answer conversation within Messenger. We want to make it more seamless for people to reach out to businesses on Messenger in places where they’re already looking to connect

But Does It Work?

This feature is designed to be used in connection with click-to-Messenger ads, which triggers conversations between businesses and Facebook users. After tapping on a click-to-Messenger ad, users go through an automated series of questions that can be answered with pre-filled or free form responses. According to Facebook, businesses can then integrate with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider and continue the conversation with qualified leads through Pages Inbox, Pages Manager App, or a third-party live chat provider. Screenshot of facebook messenger lead generation toolScreenshot of facebook messenger lead generation tool The automated system is also set to send reminders if the user does not complete the questions.

How Does It Help Businesses?

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Drift and SurveyMonkey, 42% of the people polled said they expected a response via an online chatbot within five seconds of sending a message. By integrating an automated lead generation feature that connects to a CRM platform into its click-to-Messenger ads, Facebook is helping brands respond quickly to customer inquiries and streamlining communication with customers on the platform. Facebook says businesses are already seeing results from nurturing leads in Messenger and are continuing the conversation with potential leads in their preferred channel. RIFT Tax, a UK-based financial services company, used lead generation in Messenger to increase its customer base of Armed Forces members—increasing qualified leads by 42%. By following up with leads in Messenger, RIFT Tax was able to respond in less than 10 minutes and achieved an 18% higher lead resolve rate versus phone.  Simply put, lead generation in Messenger presents an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in a way that’s easy and convenient for both parties.  

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