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Facebook announced that it would launch a handful of new advertising features globally. The announcement, made on Apr. 22, included forthcoming launches related to video content, organizing ads, and Facebook Stories.

Facebook is Taking Advantage of Global Markets for Video

Facebook will begin testing ads on Instagram Reels in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create and publish short videos – it is often considered a rival service of TikTok or YouTube.

TikTok has been banned in several countries, including India. It appears that Facebook will take advantage of the space left by the banned service by allowing advertisers to place 30-second ads on Reels.

According to Facebook’s Vice President of Global Business Group, the decision to introduce ads is “an indication of how strong the momentum is for Reels,” though she did not provide any data.

Advertisers Will Have More Categories To Choose From

Facebook also announced that brands will gain new options for how they publish their ads. Specifically, advertisers will be able to select categories of video content to place ads on. In other words, they can choose to advertise on videos that are about specific topics, like fitness, parenting, or pets.

Previously, advertisers would be able to place ads based on users’ interests, but not on the topic of the content itself.

“This is a big deal for marketers,” Everson said of the new options.

Sticker Ads Are Coming To Facebook Stories

Among the other features that are being tested, Facebook will let brands create stickers that users can place in their stories. Stickers are digital icons that can be clicked on to take the user to another page – for this reason, they are classified as an advertising feature.

Facebook is expected to begin testing these features soon.

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