Facebook Replaces Ad Relevance Score With 3 Relevance Diagnostics

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New Approach to Relevance Gives More Info to Paid Advertising Specialists and Marketers

Facebook is replacing the “Relevance” score in its ad platform with three relevance diagnostics that measure an ad’s quality, the engagement it’s receiving, and the expected conversion rate compared to ads that are also targeting your target audience. If you’ve spent any time working with Facebook Ads, you’ve probably experienced some frustration with the vaguely defined “relevance” score. This score, on a scale of 1 to 10, was only available to ads that had generated 500 or more impressions. It also didn’t really provide much context beyond a score of 1 being the lowest score and a 10 the highest. These three new relevance diagnostics rate ads give quick and easy reference points. Ads are either above average, below average, or average. This cuts out a lot of the guesswork of the old relevance score and provides a bit more context while doing so. For example, “Below Average” ratings are in the bottom 20% of ads. Your ad might be average for quality and above average for expected conversion rate, but below average in engagement. This means it’s getting to the right people, but something about it isn’t connecting. These ratings are provided for each diagnostic, and give you greater insight into ad relevance—a huge boon for marketers and paid advertising specialists using Facebook Ads. This handy new diagnostic approach can also be applied to campaigns and ad sets, but you’ll have to activate this yourself through Facebook Ads Manager. If you haven’t seen the new tool, don’t worry—it’s rolling out gradually. Give it some time and you’ll have it before you know it!


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