Digital Marketing Tip: Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Social Media

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Were you aware that social media represents the number one activity that Americans participate in? Social media is big, and it is only continuing to grow. If you are not using this venue, or have a web marketing company that can do it for you, you are missing out on a huge source of traffic and revenue. If you have simply left your social media channels to gather cobwebs, now is the time for you, or marketing companies that you employ, to benefit from all it has to offer during 2014. Make a Game Plan If you do not currently have a social media strategy, chances are any efforts will simply fall through the cracks. Some tips to create a plan include limiting the number of tweets that can be published each day. If you are not sure what a good number is, take a look at some of the leaders in your business niche. If they are having success with their efforts, mimic what they are doing in terms of how often and the type of content that is published. Treat Each Social Media Channel Individually You need to ensure that your web marketing plan involves treating each social media channel individually. This will allow the content to be spread across all channels, and that you give each audience the types of posts that will impact them in the most positive manner. If you are unsure what you should do with each platform, consider using the services of marketing companies that can help to point you in the right direction. Under Promise and Over Deliver You should treat social media much like customer service – under promise and over deliver. Say that you will post once a week, and make two posts with valuable information each week. This is a great way to keep your customers coming back more and more to see what you have to offer. Web marketing is fickle; however, if you deliver above and beyond what you promise, your customers will value what you offer. Marketing companies understand the need for a social media presence. No matter the size of your business, establishing and maintaining a face on these channels can give you a step above your competition. No matter what web marketing service you use, this is the same advice you will receive.

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