The Benefits a Digital Marketing Agency Has for Charities & Non-Profits

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How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Non-Profit Organizations Benefit from Effective Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is an effective and often low-cost channel to reach audiences, gain a following, and get your message out there. For charities and non-profit organizations that rely on fundraising and awareness campaigns, social media is the best option. Thankfully social media sites are making it easier for non-profits to develop and run campaigns. A digital marketing agency can create effective social media marketing campaigns for non-profits to tell their stories, increase brand awareness, develop relationships, and open communication with supporters, clients, and donors. Social media marketing is a unique marketing channel that offers non-profit organizations the following benefits:

Costs Less Than Other Marketing Channels

Compared to other marketing channels, social media does not require a lot of funding. This is especially useful for non-profits who do not often have a surplus of funds.

Promotes Engagement & Develops Relationships

Through social media, stakeholders can become directly involved with the causes by following and engaging with organizations on the websites. Organizations can also establish relationships with customers and stakeholders who can, in turn, increase awareness of the organization and clientele numbers through social media networking.

Showcases Promotional Videos

To spread the word through videos, non-profits and charities can use YouTube’s non-profit program. This program offers exclusive benefits, including additional uploads, high-quality branding, an optional “Donate” button, and being added to YouTube’s list of non-profit channels and videos page. These videos can also have a call-to-action overlay which further helps with marketing goals.

 Interactive Presentations

Organizations can develop high-quality presentations that are used in collaboration with social media campaigns. Interactive presentations—such as with Skyrocket—engage users with poll questions, comments, and Twitter feeds. Analytics of each presentation slide can be measured by views, clicks, likes, shares, etc. to determine the content reach.

Conduct Surveys

Non-profits and charities can also easily survey clients via Facebook and Twitter. Through surveys and polls, these organizations can learn:

  • What works and what doesn’t with their company;
  • How to improve services and client satisfaction;
  • Why donors contribute;
  • What customers are interested in; and,
  • Whether followers are interested in fundraisers and events.

Develop Campaigns with Facebook Causes

Facebook Causes provides a platform for non-profit organizations to develop campaigns with free campaign pages that are customizable and integrated within Facebook. This helps organizations to:

  • Expand their reach on Facebook with Causes;
  • Gain new donors and supporters;
  • Raise money, and;
  • Share volunteer opportunities and other information about what supporters can do to help.

Use a Social CRM Tool

Social customer relationship management (CRM) tools allow organizations to easily manage and monitor follower activity across all social media networks.

Be Recognized as a Professional Organization

By creating a LinkedIn page, organizations can be recognized as an official organization on social media. LinkedIn is also another excellent social networking tool, allowing organizations to connect with volunteers, stakeholders, donors, and other non-profit organizations.

Provide Transparency

Show donors how and where donations are being used with photos in photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Shutterfly. With the help of a digital marketing agency, non-profit organizations can expand their reach, have their message heard loud and clear, and experience the many benefits of implementing an effective social media marketing campaign.


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