Current Trends in Online Marketing

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A Look at Trending Online Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Adapt To

Online marketing is constantly adapting to the changes in technology. New trends seem to pop up every year, making it a challenge for businesses to keep up. Making an effort to remain current with digital marketing trends is crucial to the success of your business. Staying in the know and making necessary changes to your strategies is how you can adapt to the latest trends and do your best to stay ahead of the game. With the help of Ottawa online marketing experts, you can start impressing customers with your fresh marketing skills. Here are some current trends in online marketing you should consider for your business to help you keep up with the fast-paced digital world.

Mobile Shopping

Online shopping has taken over, take your business mobile now!If you haven’t tapped into the mobile market yet, you are truly missing out. Since most people have their mobile devices with them at all times, it only makes sense to reach them through their beloved devices. Trust us when we say going mobile will expand your market. Going mobile helps you rank better on Google, reach more users, and improve your brand awareness. To get anywhere in today’s mobile world, businesses need to put an emphasis on mobile online marketing strategies, such as updating to mobile-friendly websites and creating mobile apps. By doing so, you will enhance the user experience, making it much easier for customers to visit your website and make purchases. Today’s shoppers use their smartphones or tablets to make purchasing decisions both online and in store. Shoppers will use mobile devices to:

  • Read product reviews,
  • Ask for recommendations,
  • Research price comparisons,
  • Check availability at online stores, and,
  • Make final purchases.

Live Streaming

Visual content is effective at grabbing user attention. More users on social media are tuning in to live streams. The major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, now offer live streaming, making it easier than ever for businesses to be seen and have their stories heard in an entertaining and enticing way.

Live streaming plays a crucial role in online marketing in Ottawa.
And, we’re live!
Adding a live stream to your company’s social media profiles offer the following online marketing advantages:

  • User/customer engagement;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Transparency for your business;
  • Development of connections/relationships with customers; and,
  • Encouragement for users to participate in your brand storytelling.

Personalization with Big Data

What is big data anyway?
All it takes is one person using your Netflix account to mess up a good thing. Thanks to big data, companies like Netflix are able to cater to personalized user preferences based on previous user behaviour. So, if you’re wondering why recommendations like “teen vampire dramas” are popping up on your Netflix interface, it’s time to have a chat with whomever you let use your profile and tell them to use their own instead. Utilizing big data also helps businesses make predictions and target markets, which can ultimately lead to acquiring more users and customers. In response to a previous purchase or product search, websites will offer recommendations for other products, such as: “Because of your interest in this book, you may also be interested in this other book.” This customer personalization is almost everywhere online, and big companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify have proven to be successful with the help of big data.

Marketing Automation

To stay on track of online marketing campaigns, more marketers are using marketing automation software. These tools are helpful for completing various repetitive content marketing tasks easily and efficiently, such as for social media, e-mails, and website actions. With so many social media profiles and various online marketing campaigns, many marketers rely on marketing automation to get the job done. Whether you keep up with marketing trends, or are still learning the ropes from last year’s recommendations, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your marketing strategies—in fact, it’s highly recommended that you do. With a willingness to adapt and the help from Ottawa online marketing pros, your business can evolve and excel with the ever-changing digital marketing trends.


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