Content Marketing is In for 2017

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Businesses large and small are shifting their focus from traditional ad campaigns to content marketing strategies

Watch out, banner ads—content marketing is here to stay.
You could say traffic is getting pretty tense in digital spaces.
Watch out, banner ads—content marketing is here to stay, and is proving to be a preferred choice among marketers and consumers. Content marketing is reaching audiences through various channels with engaging quality content such as blogs, news articles, social media posts, videos, photos, and infographics. In a digital world full of competition, reaching out and engaging your audience is necessary if you want to retain a loyal customer base. Content marketing can no longer be ignored by businesses, so many are getting on board with successful digital marketing strategies to stay up-to-date with today’s consumer trends.  


Quality matters when it comes to content marketing
Say it with us.
Businesses across most industries are planning to spend more resources on content marketing this year than on traditional marketing channels such as advertisements and publicity campaigns. Also, their top priority for 2017 is to produce quality content in the form of relevant and informative articles. These articles are meant to engage and educate audiences, making them feel more connected to businesses and more likely to browse their websites. Most importantly, the content must focus on the audience and not the brand. Digital marketing is taking precedent over traditional marketing. Quality content is more effective in engaging audiences than online ads, especially since more people are using ad blockers on their mobile devices these days. Marketers have realized that content marketing is the way to go—the creation of high-quality content that consumers actually want to read is extremely valuable for businesses. The regular posting of quality content on blogs and social media is important for keeping consumers engaged. Visual content is also increasingly necessary for effective content marketing—audiences enjoy visually-engaging content such as photos, videos, and infographics.


Come get your content marketing
Haven’t made the switch? Come on! Get on it!
A survey of marketers in the U.K. found that most marketers believe content marketing is effective, yet many still don’t know how to implement a successful content marketing strategy for their businesses. These marketers cited lack of staff and budget as major influences for lagging behind. However, 70 percent expect to invest more in content in 2017. For businesses who need to revamp their marketing strategies and get on board with the content marketing trend, but don’t know where to start, a digital marketing agency can help make the switch. Reach and engage your audience with quality content marketing that will win over their hearts and keep them coming back for more.

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