Google Testing Buying Guides In Mobile Search Results And You Want To Be There

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Buying Guides – a new mobile search feature by Google is being tested for mobile search results. It will introduce users to multiple drop-down menus which should help them learn more about the product they’re searching for, says Search Engine Land.

“This is an experiment that helps shoppers discover relevant characteristics of a product by surfacing attributes like price, brand and type” – said Google.

By using Google Search’s Buying Guide, you can get a good picture of what products you can purchase based on your question.

How Does This Work?

Right below the title of the search result, the Buying Guide shows a price range so you can narrow down your options. By tapping on the drop-down menu, you can access the user-generated content; Google has not revealed how it ranks the content that appears in these sections.

There are also Types and Brands menus, where you can toggle information by selecting carousels and choosing the exact thing you want to see. For example, if you’re looking for earphones – under Types you could probably see “wireless”, “bluetooth”, “noise cancelling”, etc. The rest of the drop-down menus address a single question.

Why Does This Matter?

The Buying Guide’s drop-down options display editorial content, not e-commerce links, which may offer another way for your content to appear in the SERPs. It is also safe to assume that the Brands drop-down menu will appear in many Buying Guides, and you will want to be there if you want to stand out from your competitors.

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