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The Internet is a fast-moving place: hundreds of thousands of pieces of new information are uploaded every day, which are constantly being updated and interchanged. Good search engine optimization, or SEO, can mean the difference between having your website’s content become just another link lost in the sea of data or having traffic driven to your page constantly and consistently. Not all SEO is created equal, though – like everything online, these techniques are being constantly upgraded, and what worked in 2013 may no longer be the best option. Here are five of the latest SEO tools that professionals, like some local SEO companies in Ottawa, have been using to take the scene by storm in 2014. 1.     Take the three-sided approach. The best technique to drive users to your site isn’t a technique at all: it’s three. Utilizing links, strong, brand-related content and social media in tandem is a sure-fire way to bring you to the top of a search results list. 2.     Stronger content, stronger site. Content marketing is still one of the best ways to target users who are interested in what you and your site are all about. What it means is that creating strong, audience-oriented content that is relevant to your visitors’ interests is an incredibly effective way to make sure they land on your homepage often. Try shaking things up a bit by uploading everything from text and photos to videos and infographics. 3.     Go mobile. Gone are the days where people are using desktop or laptop computers as their main browsing tools; tablets and smartphones are the new go-to. And now, with search engines like Google giving top priority to sites with mobile optimization, having a mobile interface is even more important. Professionals, like Ottawa web designers, can help make your website’s mobile site look great while still being user-friendly. 4.     Build your brand. Branding is a term that’s used a lot these days, but it can actually be very important in the world of SEO. The introduction of Google Authorship is a tool that connects content on your site to your author profile. The more your content matches up with your profile, the more priority Google gives to your site. 5.     Tweet it. Google Plus is learning from the Internet community: the more your content gets shared and mentioned, the higher up you’ll be on a search results list. Having a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other popular sites is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Ottawa web designers can help make it easy for users to share your content on any platform imaginable.

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