How to Become a Social Media Pro: 13 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Social Media Presence

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social media strategy Social media was once thought to be the next big fad, however, instead of just being the trend “du jour”, it has evolved to the point where it is now completely entrenched in the fabric of our society–and it doesn’t appear that it will decline any time soon. This kind of cultural shift brings us to the question: Is your company socially connected? If so, are you doing it well? Or are your company’s social media profiles just taking up space like an abandoned warehouse? If your answer is the latter, then we need to talk! There are many hurdles to maintaining an active and successful social media presence, and it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, it is achievable with a few well-thought-out changes that will improve your company’s presence and engagement. As social media is a marketing tool, if you’re not using it to your advantage, you might be missing out on an entire target audience, one that you may have not previously considered. First off, do you know if your company has a social media strategy? Are you unsure whether you’re “doing it properly”? Here are 13 tips to boost your company’s social media presence:

Social media: The beginning steps

1) Determine the strength of your company’s current online presence What online presence do you currently have? How many “likes” are on your Facebook page? What’s the count on your Twitter followers? Do you have a LinkedIn company page? How frequently are you using Instagram? Everyone needs to start somewhere. Evaluate and document your company’s social media presence at the beginning so that you have a benchmark to measure against in the future. 2) Discover your social community Do you know your audience? What’s their average age, profession, likes/dislikes? What type of info are they looking for? Once social communityyou understand your social community you’ll be able to create content tailored for this audience. 3) Define your goals and objectives Why are you using social media? What are you hoping to gain? Who are you hoping to attract? Once you determine what your target audience responds to, set clear communication goals to increase engagement. This will help guide your content to be strategic and sharable, which will result in greater success. Your objectives should be SMART–Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Timely. 4) Develop a social media strategy and implement it Once goals are set, what’s your execution strategy? What’s your focus–Improved engagement? More leads? Increased traffic to your website? Now that you’ve done your homework, put it to the test. Produce a social media strategy that’s aligned with your company’s objectives and develop a road map of how your social media strategy will be executed. Prioritize from the top down, and established whether you have the budget and resources to use paid, owned, and earned media to amplify your online presence. 5) Determine how you will measure your efforts Do you know if your social media strategy has been successful? Do you know if you have actually been reaching your target audience? We recommend that you analyze your metrics monthly and create a report to tract your social media progress. Now with a solid social media presence created, you can focus on becoming a social media pro! screen-66617_12806) Encourage and foster discussions within your community Social media requires that your company be social. You don’t talk to yourself without sounding crazy, so why do it online? To keep your audience engaged fill your feed with a mix of diverse content and continually strive for two-way conversations. 7) Don’t shy away from Q&A’s Customers love to offer feedback on products and services when prompted–and more often than not, when they’re not prompted. They’ll throw out questions about your company, and in these situations, you want to be the first to respond. Take a “head first” approach to interacting with your social community and immediately address their questions, concerns and opinions–both positive and negative. 8) Determine a manageable content sharing frequency There is nothing worse than finding an amazing social media site or website that regularly shares content and then out of nowhere, they just stop. It makes you wonder when or if they’ll post again, and consequently, you may start searching their competitor’s websites for similar content. It’s critical that the frequency of engagement be regular and consistent. 9) Give back to your social community in creative ways When someone reaches out to your company through your social media platforms keep in mind that they have chosen to connect with you, from amongst a very large pool of similar companies. Rewarding your online community with contest giveaways and promotions is a smart and easy way to repay and show appreciation for the exposure you’re receiving. 10) Humanize your company. Be authentic. No one likes talking to a robot. Robotic comments and responses tend to be viewed as spam and will result in a loss of engagement from your target audience. Share what’s happening within your company–people will relate and feel they’re getting an inside peek into who you are. 11) Inject some gamification into your company’s social media strategygamification Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts for the purpose of engaging users in problem solving. Since a large online demographic love gaming, gamification can be used to amplify your social media strategy via increased engagement with this large targeted audience. 12) Better manage your unhappy customers Social media is an amazing medium to monitor what people are saying about your company and products. Upset customers can complain outside of work hours and social media can give you direct access to them and publicly diffuse the situation. Of course, the online world isn’t a perfect utopian place, there will always be complainers, especially on review websites. Always remember to be courteous and professional; it can save your reputation. 13) Let your fans help you become better Social media is a wonderful platform where everyone loves to contribute information and ideas. A social media savvy company incorporates its community’s ideas, opinions, and sometimes photos and content into its social media strategy. In conclusion–There are a multitude of creative and engaging tips to boost your company’s social media presence. If you’ve gone beyond these 13 tips we’d love for you to share your ideas with our community! social media

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Users Can Now Tip Their Favourite Youtuber


YouTube unveiled their new monetization tool called Super Thanks, formerly known as Viewer applause. Super Thanks lets fans support their favourite channels while giving creators access to a new source of revenue. After a successful test period, this feature will now be available for eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

Viewers in an eligible location can buy a one-time animation on videos and send a personalized comment that will let them stand out in the comment section. They can both donate to their favourite creator and share a message to the world with their colourful comment. In return, creators get an extra source of revenue.

The cost of a Super Thanks depends on the viewer. They can donate from $2 up to $50, depending on their generosity that day. The creators keep 70% of what viewers give.


How To Turn On Super Thanks?

To set up Super Thanks you have to:

  • Go to your YouTube Studio desktop and click under Monetization
  • Click the Supers tab
  • In the upper right corner you will see a Super Thanks toggle – simply turn it on.

As soon as you turn Super Thanks on, a Thanks button will automatically appear under your videos, regardless of when they have been posted. It will not appear on live streams or Premieres.

If for any reason you decide to turn off the Super Thanks, the Thanks button will be removed, but you will still be able to see your previous earnings.

How To Manage Super Thanks Comments

If you would like your comment section to consist of Super Thanks comments, you can go to YouTube Studio on desktop and select Comments from the navigation menu on the left where you can filter the content. From your YouTube Studio Dashboard, you can review, reply, like or delete comments.

Reviewing The Super Thanks Revenue

You guessed it – you also do this in YouTube Studio. In the Analytics Section, go to Revenue. Then, under Transaction Revenue, you will be able to see your total Super Thanks earnings.

To see your Super Thanks earning per video, you go to the Content section and select the video you want to check. Then go to Analytics > Revenue and look for SUper Thanks under “Transaction revenue”.

But, what’s the big deal? Why is this important? Because creators are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Who knows, maybe ads on YouTube Videos will become a thing of the past now that everyone can help by contributing!

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Instagram Updating Its Ranking Algorithm 


Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is adding a few changes in order to put more focus on creators and the credit they get. One of the mentioned changes is updating its ranking algorithm with the goal to put more focus on original work. Judging by the number of copy-paste posts we’ve seen so far, this update should have been made a long time ago.


Making Sure The Credit Goes To Those Who Deserve It

Instagram announced the following changes:

  • Product Tags – it will now be available to everyone. So, no matter who you are, you will be able to tag products and drive traffic and attention to a business, creator or a company that they like.
  • Enhanced People Tags – now, you can add a category for yourself (into profile, edit profile) which will show up when you are tagged in a photo or a video. This makes sure you have your identity be what you want it to be, and credited according to your wishes.
  • Ranking – people that actually created something from scratch should be more credited for that, so the algorithm will focus more on that kind of content.

“We are going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content. So, more to come there as well.” – said Mosseri in the announcement.

But, what does it exactly mean? As mentioned in SocialMediaToday, the changes in ranking are not that well explained and it’s not clear if any penalization will happen.

What Will Affect The Ranking?

The Twitter community did have some questions regarding the originality of content and asked about editing outside of the app. If you remember, Instagram started down-ranking content that was re-shared from other apps. So, if you will be re-posting your TikTok with a watermark on it, your content will still be penalized. However, if you only edited it off the Instagram app, that shouldn’t be a problem and won’t affect your rank.

Still, Mosseri admits that Instagram can’t know for sure if a content piece is an original or not. They only build classifiers that will show how likely something is to be an original, but they can never know for sure. It’s still a work in progress.

Posting History Is Also A Factor

Content aggregators are the focus of this update, and Instagram will be able to determine this with the account’s posting history. Instagram is more likely to detect that an account is an aggregator if it re-posts a lot of content from other accounts.” So if you’re re-posting a lot of content from other accounts, you’ll likely see a drop in reach.

The main goal of the whole update is, as we mentioned, to give more credit to original creators, but the system is not yet perfect. However, Mosseri said that Instagram will continue to improve its detection features over time to better distinguish where the content comes from and who posts original content, to promote the real creators and reduce the influence of big farm accounts.

It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to reposting trending memes in order to boost engagement.


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