Why Your NGO Needs SEO

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Raise Awareness for Your Cause with Affordable SEO

If you have a non-profit or NGO, search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective tool for raising awareness about your cause. With the right SEO strategy in place, you can attract new visitors to your site and earn their support. In today’s digital world, non-profits and NGOs rely heavily on digital marketing strategies to expand their outreach. Here’s how you can raise awareness and gain support for your cause with the help of an affordable SEO strategy.

Unbranded Search

Those who wish to support a cause will often search online using keywords relevant to the cause instead of searching for the name of a specific organization. This is called unbranded search, and it can bring in many new supporters to your organization if you rank well on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). When an effective SEO strategy is in place, your relevant content will: appear on SERPs, rank higher on search engines and for targeted keywords, become more visible to users, and attract new quality traffic to your site. In your case, attracting, converting, and retaining supporters. The goal is to have your site appear on the first SERP since most users will only click on the first-page links. However, to really attract supporters, your content needs to stand out and capture their interests.

Quality Content

Useful, relevant content for web pages, blogs, and social media posts engages visitors and helps your SEO ranking. And if visitors find your content interesting, they’re more likely to share it on social media, which in turn boosts your ranking and brand awareness, while driving more visitors to your site. As more visitors engage with useful, relevant content, you establish authority in your field.Content marketing solutions for your NGO. Your relevant content could include:

  • News articles—responses or recaps;
  • Stories from your cause;
  • Information and statistics;
  • Videos;
  • Photo galleries;
  • Slideshows;
  • Event recaps;
  • Webinars;
  • Infographics; and,
  • Testimonials.


For your website and content to show up on SERPs, you need to use relevant keywords that your target supporters will use in a search. These keywords should reflect your cause, mission, goals, vision, and values. Keywords shouldn’t be too general or too specific. Aim for your type of organization and location, i.e. animal rescue ottawa. Your location will depend on the reach of your organization—whether you only operate locally or nationwide. Also include conversion words (such as donate, sign up, or volunteer) as part of your keywords and calls to action on your website.

Website Redesign

SEO is also about user experience (UX). Catering to a positive user experience increases the likelihood users stick around and convert. UX plays a significant role in your SEO efforts. Both quality content and the website’s design factor into UX, so use effective web development strategies coupled with engaging, intuitive design to optimize your site. UX optimization includes:

  • Keyword content;
  • HTML code;
  • Title tags and meta tags;
  • Page loading times;
  • Mobile-friendly designs;
  • Easy navigation; and,
  • Attractive user interface.

For a cost-effective marketing solution to raise awareness about your organization and cause, consider affordable SEO strategies. With better rankings, visibility, and awareness, your NGO can fulfill its mission and fundraising efforts by reaching more supporters, volunteers, and donors. Raise awareness, develop fundraising campaigns, and get a better following with affordable SEO marketing.


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