6 Ways to Upgrade Your Content Marketing Right Now

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Our Digital Marketing Experts Share Some of Their Favourite Tips to Help Step up Your Game

Content marketing is a tricky art. You’ve got to write quality material that engages readers and helps build trust in your brand not just once or twice, but on a consistent basis! Talk about a daunting task. That’s why we came up with this list – these are digital marketing tips we use every day to stay on the top of our game. So grab your favourite coffee mug, get comfortable, and get ready for six ways to create content that’s out of this world.

1)    Write Killer Headlines We really, really can’t emphasize this enough. You could be writing the most amazing blog in your entire vertical, but that won’t mean a thing if no one makes it past the headline. To get people to read, write a headline that grabs their attention and gives them a good reason to keep reading.

2)    Give it Value Content marketing works best when it has meaningful content. Don’t bother writing blogs, editorials, or videos just to sell a product. Today’s consumers tune that stuff out. Instead, focus on building trust in your brand by providing readers with valuable information.

3)    Tell a Story This doesn’t mean boring your readers with a long-winded narrative. Instead, think of how a compelling story flows. It pulls you along from one part to the next, so that you want to keep reading and see what comes next. If you want to punch up the quality of your writing, follow a simple, straightforward structure, and keep the writing as simple as you can – avoid unnecessary jargon.

4)    Embrace the “Listicle” List-based articles are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Life is a busy thing, and sometimes people only have time to skim your article. Putting things in list form helps them find the specific information they’re looking for, or encourages them to bookmark your content to read later. That’s why this digital marketing strategy has worked so well for sites like BuzzFeed, Cracked.com, and others.

5)    Pair Every Video with a Blog Producing awesome videos is one of the best things you can do for content marketing. But as interested as someone is in your video, sometimes they just can’t watch it, for example if they’re at work and didn’t bring any headphones. To keep their attention, or to expand on the video’s content and provide more information, pair every video with a blog post. Base it off the video’s script, but add some more meat to it for added value.

6)    Finally, Always Make it Relatable Let your customers know that you’re a real person, just like they are. If you can do it right, they’ll be more interested in what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to use pop-culture references (but make extra sure they actually make sense) or compare something to a relatable experience everyone has at some point. When you have a little fun with your digital marketing, it won’t seem so daunting!

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Twitter Testing New Options For Attaching Content


Even though the younger generation doesn’t want us to use GIFs anymore (yeah, I’m confused too), Twitter is testing an option that would let us attach not only oh-so-convenient-and-dear GIFs but other media as well. Seems like Twitter is working on increasing engagement and encouraging more creativity among its users.


This option could make way for more creative opportunities, expand its expressive tools and help businesses connect with their audience better. However, no one knows when this option will see the light of day.

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Social Media Today reached out to Twitter and asked for a comment, but they got no specific response, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Twitter itself doesn’t know what the platform will be like in the coming period, with Elon Musk buying the platform.

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Another great thing about this option is the possibility to better showcase your product. With a single tweet, you could offer a photo of your product and a how-to-use video. That way, you can highlight everything there is about your product in a single place, making this option also opens a possibility to make ads more effective.

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On the other hand, you can also consider using GIFs for communicating with your audience, or use them as promo content – you can let your creativity decide – the possibilities are endless.

Since we don’t know when exactly this option will be available, it wouldn’t hurt to put some ideas on paper and consider customizing your Twitter strategy.

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Instagram Updating Its Ranking Algorithm 


Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is adding a few changes in order to put more focus on creators and the credit they get. One of the mentioned changes is updating its ranking algorithm with the goal to put more focus on original work. Judging by the number of copy-paste posts we’ve seen so far, this update should have been made a long time ago.


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Making Sure The Credit Goes To Those Who Deserve It

Instagram announced the following changes:

  • Product Tags – it will now be available to everyone. So, no matter who you are, you will be able to tag products and drive traffic and attention to a business, creator or a company that they like.
  • Enhanced People Tags – now, you can add a category for yourself (into profile, edit profile) which will show up when you are tagged in a photo or a video. This makes sure you have your identity be what you want it to be, and credited according to your wishes.
  • Ranking – people that actually created something from scratch should be more credited for that, so the algorithm will focus more on that kind of content.

“We are going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content. So, more to come there as well.” – said Mosseri in the announcement.

But, what does it exactly mean? As mentioned in SocialMediaToday, the changes in ranking are not that well explained and it’s not clear if any penalization will happen.

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What Will Affect The Ranking?

The Twitter community did have some questions regarding the originality of content and asked about editing outside of the app. If you remember, Instagram started down-ranking content that was re-shared from other apps. So, if you will be re-posting your TikTok with a watermark on it, your content will still be penalized. However, if you only edited it off the Instagram app, that shouldn’t be a problem and won’t affect your rank.

Still, Mosseri admits that Instagram can’t know for sure if a content piece is an original or not. They only build classifiers that will show how likely something is to be an original, but they can never know for sure. It’s still a work in progress.

Posting History Is Also A Factor

Content aggregators are the focus of this update, and Instagram will be able to determine this with the account’s posting history. Instagram is more likely to detect that an account is an aggregator if it re-posts a lot of content from other accounts.” So if you’re re-posting a lot of content from other accounts, you’ll likely see a drop in reach.

The main goal of the whole update is, as we mentioned, to give more credit to original creators, but the system is not yet perfect. However, Mosseri said that Instagram will continue to improve its detection features over time to better distinguish where the content comes from and who posts original content, to promote the real creators and reduce the influence of big farm accounts.

It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to reposting trending memes in order to boost engagement.


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