6 SEO Marketing Tips… From Tinder

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How Several Weeks on the Popular Dating App Improved My Web Marketing Game

SEO Marketing You might think that popular dating app Tinder has little in common with good SEO marketing; SEO is about search engine optimization, and the app—which presents you profiles of nearby people so that you can say yes or no to talking to them—has no search function. But when I used Tinder as a social catalyst this summer, I found it full of great examples of some basic web marketing principles. For example…

Local Optimization

Tinder uses your GPS to find matches; how far away is up to you. I didn’t know this, and kept wondering why half the women I saw lived 100 kilometres (or more) away when I wanted to meet people in Ottawa. Optimizing for local search is important if you have a limited service area because it keeps you higher in local searches than global ones. If you don’t keep your address up-to-date on Google+ and use geomodifier keywords, then like me you’ll end up with a lot of matches that are too far away to do anything about.

Appearance Matters

On Tinder, you’re forced to see how shallow you really are. Try it for a week and see the endless array of dude-bro types holding up dead animals or blurry nightclub group photos and you’ll know I’m right. In web marketing, if your site is unattractive or difficult to navigate, you’re asking a high bounce rate. Put your best face forward, whether it’s a selfie or an attractive, functional design.

Good Content

Once I found a perfect selfie, I laboured over writing my profile. It had to express what was good about me in a concise way that didn’t sound like a sales pitch—and so does your web copy. It needs to tell your audience what they want to know, without hitting them over the head with keyword-stuffing or trendy buzzwords.

Social Media

Tinder recently started allowing users to link their Instagram accounts to their profiles, and when I did so I saw my matches increase right away. And I have stayed in touch with more of the interesting people I’ve met—the same way your company will benefit from staying in touch with customers through social media channels. Make your profiles easy-to-find with social icons either at the top or bottom of your site.

Use Effective Calls to Action

The goal of SEO marketing is to generate conversions—the goal with Tinder is getting a date or phone number. You can’t just present people with a little blurb, and hope they’ll convert. Whenever I used direct, active language (“Let’s get lunch this Saturday!”) as opposed to passive language (“Do you want to hang out some time?”), the odds of actually meeting a real human face-to-face increased. People respond to active calls to action, so be sure to make effective use of them in your web marketing.

Don’t Harass People

This should be common sense, but sadly, it’s not. I’ve heard almost as many annoyed rants about retargeted ads as I have about guys on Tinder who just took things too far. Always be respectful of the people you deal with—especially in SEO marketing.

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Locally Sourced SEO Success


Why Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Skip Local SEO Marketing

To make the best donuts on this side of the Ottawa River you have to follow a recipe without skipping an ingredient. The same principle applies for business management. Too often the things that can help your business are neglected. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for years, your business can’t afford to skip local SEO marketing. Local SEO improves your website’s visibility when potential customers search for products and services on search engines. Many consumers also prefer to support local businesses over big chain stores, giving you an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition with local listings. Local results appear at the top of a search results page, so local SEO is absolutely necessary for long-term success. While the research and implementation of a successful SEO strategy may seem like a lot of work, agencies are always available to lend a hand. From leads to increasing your bottom line, a local SEO service can help you reach your business goals. Here’s how.

A person takes a photo of their strawberry filled donut using their smartphone.
Get online, claim local listings, and get started!

Take the First Step: Get Online

About four out of five consumers search for products and services online via search engines. 86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business. Online search is also the first choice to find information on local businesses for 72% of consumers. If your business doesn’t have an online presence yet, especially a local listing, you are missing out on being found by hundreds if not thousands of users each day. Think of all the donuts you could be selling! If you haven’t already, get online, create a local listing, and start reaching a larger customer base. But having a website isn’t enough. If you don’t rank well (i.e. on the first page) of search engine results pages (SERPs), you will still have limited visibility online since the majority of search users (some estimate peg as many as 90%) don’t look past the first page. But when SEO is paired with other online marketing strategies, such as social media and blogs, you can boost your search rankings and visibility online, along with your brand awareness. In turn, this ultimately leads to more business for you and more tasty treats for your customers. Yum.

Go Mobile for a Local SEO Focus

More consumers are using their smartphones and other mobile devices for online search and activity instead of desktop computers. So to reach this growing mobile audience, you need a mobile-friendly site. Sites that promote user experience, especially mobile-friendly sites, will rank higher on SERPs than sites that don’t have a mobile version. You also need to ensure that all versions of your website, social profiles, and web presences have complete, up-to-date contact information (i.e. business name, location, phone number) to make use of local SEO on social media platforms and for mobile users. Business location is the main search focus amongst local search users. Once a local search has been made by mobile users, about half of them will visit the business within 24 hours. Local searches, local visits, and local sales are all related. Many people search for a local business in their area while in transit, with the intent of visiting the business soon after.

Three people stand at a subway station, each one staring at a smartphone in their hands.
Search: best donut shop near me

Local SEO Improves Business Visibility

Better visibility online directly correlates with an increase in sales. If your business appears near the top of a SERP, more people searching for your products or services will see your business and be more likely to click on your website. And if they like what they see on your website, then you’ll have a better chance at increasing conversions and sales.

Build Brand Awareness and Trust

While having a website is better than nothing, you still need to build brand awareness online. Brand awareness is one of the benefits of ranking higher on SERPs with the help of local SEO. But you have to work to maintain a high ranking. Posting useful, quality content with relevant keywords on your website will help. As will a strong online presence on social media that utilizes SEO best practices.

Make Your Brand More Trustworthy

Search users usually only look at the first SERP because they are more likely to trust brands that appear at the top of the results. Local SEO helps you rank higher because your local listing is placed in a different class than PPC and organic results. Search engines, like Google, are placing local results at the top of SERPs. By boosting your rankings with local SEO, you can build brand awareness and appear more trustworthy to consumers. Users also tend to favour local listings on SERPs. These listings appear more authentic and trustworthy, especially when maps, verified contact information, photos, and customer reviews are present.  

Barista at a coffee and donut shop carefully pours an espresso while a line up of customers wait.
Building awareness can mean the difference between waiting to serve a customer and being so busy you need to catch your breath.

Increase Traffic and Conversion Rates

Local SEO services use intensive research and keyword analysis to find effective keywords that are relevant to your business. These are keywords used by a target consumer population searching for products and services related to your business. This process will target consumers who are more likely to contact you and visit your website and/or storefront. And when geolocations are added to the mix, users searching for products or services in your area will see your site. As a result, SEO generates high traffic and conversion rates.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

There’s a very good chance that your competition is already using local SEO. Try searching for them now and see for yourself. Are you confident that when people search for the best donut shop in Ottawa that your going to be visible on the page? If you want to have a chance at success in your industry, you need to implement an effective SEO strategy that will get you on the same page as your competition, and then eventually ahead of them with a higher search engine ranking. Even if your competition is much bigger than your business, small businesses can outrank larger businesses with the proper use of local SEO.

Deliver High ROI

When done properly, SEO is a cost-effective and affordable marketing tool that provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). The ROI is long-term since SEO provides non-stop organic traffic that would otherwise cost a fortune with paid advertising strategies alone. SEO is also customizable to your budget and the needs of your business.

How Bad SEO Marketing Can Negatively Impact Your Business

A poor SEO strategy will directly affect your bottom line. No one will be able to find your business online as your rankings will be too low or non-existent. This means no one will be able to read your content or learn about your brand. Simply put – your donuts will go stale before anyone gets to take a box home. Ultimately, bad SEO results in your business spending resources without any ROI. You won’t have web traffic, leads, or sales generated from search.

Why A Professional Kick-Start Is the Best Option

When done correctly, SEO works. It can deliver constant traffic to your site and boost conversions. But it’s not a simple feat. The world of SEO is constantly changing as Google releases updates and algorithms. These can change your ranking in a heartbeat. But there are professionals who stay up-to-date with SEO best practices so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact your local Ottawa advertising agency today to get started with local SEO services.

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Why Your NGO Needs SEO


Raise Awareness for Your Cause with Affordable SEO

If you have a non-profit or NGO, search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective tool for raising awareness about your cause. With the right SEO strategy in place, you can attract new visitors to your site and earn their support. In today’s digital world, non-profits and NGOs rely heavily on digital marketing strategies to expand their outreach. Here’s how you can raise awareness and gain support for your cause with the help of an affordable SEO strategy.

Unbranded Search

Those who wish to support a cause will often search online using keywords relevant to the cause instead of searching for the name of a specific organization. This is called unbranded search, and it can bring in many new supporters to your organization if you rank well on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). When an effective SEO strategy is in place, your relevant content will: appear on SERPs, rank higher on search engines and for targeted keywords, become more visible to users, and attract new quality traffic to your site. In your case, attracting, converting, and retaining supporters. The goal is to have your site appear on the first SERP since most users will only click on the first-page links. However, to really attract supporters, your content needs to stand out and capture their interests.

Quality Content

Useful, relevant content for web pages, blogs, and social media posts engages visitors and helps your SEO ranking. And if visitors find your content interesting, they’re more likely to share it on social media, which in turn boosts your ranking and brand awareness, while driving more visitors to your site. As more visitors engage with useful, relevant content, you establish authority in your field.Content marketing solutions for your NGO. Your relevant content could include:

  • News articles—responses or recaps;
  • Stories from your cause;
  • Information and statistics;
  • Videos;
  • Photo galleries;
  • Slideshows;
  • Event recaps;
  • Webinars;
  • Infographics; and,
  • Testimonials.


For your website and content to show up on SERPs, you need to use relevant keywords that your target supporters will use in a search. These keywords should reflect your cause, mission, goals, vision, and values. Keywords shouldn’t be too general or too specific. Aim for your type of organization and location, i.e. animal rescue ottawa. Your location will depend on the reach of your organization—whether you only operate locally or nationwide. Also include conversion words (such as donate, sign up, or volunteer) as part of your keywords and calls to action on your website.

Website Redesign

SEO is also about user experience (UX). Catering to a positive user experience increases the likelihood users stick around and convert. UX plays a significant role in your SEO efforts. Both quality content and the website’s design factor into UX, so use effective web development strategies coupled with engaging, intuitive design to optimize your site. UX optimization includes:

  • Keyword content;
  • HTML code;
  • Title tags and meta tags;
  • Page loading times;
  • Mobile-friendly designs;
  • Easy navigation; and,
  • Attractive user interface.

For a cost-effective marketing solution to raise awareness about your organization and cause, consider affordable SEO strategies. With better rankings, visibility, and awareness, your NGO can fulfill its mission and fundraising efforts by reaching more supporters, volunteers, and donors. Raise awareness, develop fundraising campaigns, and get a better following with affordable SEO marketing.

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