5 Ways to Boost Your SEO And Start Generating Leads

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These Digital Marketing Tips Will Help You Get Noticed and Increase Web Traffic

If your web traffic is lagging, you are probably missing out on leads and sales, which is never good for business. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) so you can get noticed online and start generating leads. The following are five useful tips to boost your site’s SEO. However, if you want to save time and effort, hiring a digital marketing agency will certainly help.

Post Quality Content

Your website needs high quality informative content to turn up on search engine results pages (SERPs). SERPs rank sites based on the quality of their content. So longer, well-written content is more favourable. Users want to read a blog post, article, or landing page and get the answers they are looking for quickly and easily. If you have strong writers on your team, you shouldn’t have any trouble producing quality content. But if not, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help improve your web content and SEO.

On-Page SEO

You can improve the SEO for each page on your website to increase your SERP rankings, get noticed, and improve web traffic. Each page should have:

  • A title tag of < 70 characters that includes a target keyword and is easy to understand;
  • An informative page description;
  • Short URLs containing primary keywords; and,
  • Keywords appearing a few times in the page content.

Internal Linking

By adding links to other pages on your website within your page content, you will encourage visitors to stay on your site and focus their attention to a specific page. Think of it like encouraging customers to spend more time in a grocery store. They may have gone in to only buy milk, but the marketing, displays, and even the music can distract them. This will focus their attention to another area in the store, and encourage them to stay a little longer. This usually results in them buying more food. Internal linking also increases your webpage rankings for specific keywords. Both the current page and the page being linked to will have improved SEO and web traffic.

Responsive Web Design

A lot of users these days are searching the web on their mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary to have a responsive design for your website. Responsive web designs adjust the webpage, photos, and content to be user-friendly on any device. Also, Google is ranking websites based on their responsiveness, so making the switch to a responsive web design will certainly boost your SEO.

Increase Site Speed

Improve user experience and your SEO by increasing your website’s loading speed. Users want fast and efficient web browsing experiences, so if your website loads too slowly, visitors will be more inclined to leave the page due to frustration. Google is also ranking websites based on their speed, so try to speed up your site by:

  • Compressing large images;
  • Removing useless add-ons and plugins; and,
  • Avoiding dense lines of code.

It’s never too late to boost your SEO. If you want to save time and effort, a digital marketing agency can stay on top of these tasks for you. That way you can start getting noticed and generating leads sooner than later.


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