5 Misconceptions about SEO Ranking You Should Avoid

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5 Misconceptions about SEO Ranking You Should Avoid
5 Misconceptions about SEO Ranking You Should Avoid
SEO and search rankings are a constantly evolving science. The things that would have landed your business on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) a few years ago won’t do the same today, as search engines like Google become more advanced and efficient at their jobs. Whether they have simply become outdated over time or have always been the stuff of myths, these five misconceptions can all hurt your digital marketing strategy and lower your SEO rankings. “Keywords and linking are more important than content.” There was a time when spamming yourself with links and keyword-stuffing (just throwing in keywords haphazardly) would help you rank higher in SERPs. But search engines are more intelligent today, and people are becoming increasingly likely to enter questions as their search queries instead of keywords. The most important thing is that your website offers unique, high-quality content. Keywords and links are still important, however, so make sure to balance both. “Results will be immediate/SEO will eventually be over and done with.” Never trust a “quick fix” when it comes to promoting your business. Chances are, if someone offers you immediate results, they are likely using “black hat” SEO techniques to boost your rankings, and modern search engines will likely penalize you for this. SEO is an on-going process that takes time, fine-tuning, and is never really complete. As long as search trends continue to change, you will always need effective SEO to make sure you continue to rank on SERPs. “We can make the website now – we’ll focus on the SEO later.” SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. When your business builds its website, you should do so with keywords in mind. If you’ve already built all of your content and then you try to integrate SEO later on, you can end up with keyword-stuffing, and that is never a good thing. “Stocking up on extra pages and domains will increase our SEO rankings.” Again, this is an old black hat trick to boost SEO rankings. Creating extra pages on or off of your domain – referred to as doorway pages – to increase the number of indexed search results used to work for any website dastardly enough to use this underhanded trick. But thanks to Google’s recent doorway page penalty algorithm, this cheat is off the table, which clears up SERPs for websites that offer quality of content over quantity of pages. “Anyone can do effective SEO.” This one is sort of true, in the same way that anyone can pick up a guitar and learn to play a song – but not everyone is destined to be Jimi Hendrix. While a dozen hours of searches and reading can teach you a thing or two about SEO, nothing beats the experience of professionals. If you want to achieve high SEO rankings month after month, your best bet is a digital marketing agency that has the tools necessary to help grow your business on multiple fronts with a coordinated strategy that perfectly addresses your specific needs.

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Google AdWords API Gone By Tomorrow


Starting tomorrow, April 27, 2022, Google AdWords API will be officially gone. It has been a year since Google had warned us about this happening and the day is finally here – Google AdWords will stop being fully supported. Instead, we will have to use Google Ads API which is now up to version 10.

Google Ads API is basically the next generation of AdWords, a modern interface that should help make your campaign management more efficient and increase your overall productivity. It lets developers interact directly with the Google Ads platform, making it easier to manage large or complex Google Ads campaigns and accounts.

So, this should be your final notice for making the full switch to Google Ads, if you hadn’t done that by now. If you don’t, you can expect AdWords not to be supported tomorrow. Google also warned developers that they will see AdWords API requests fail at a rate of ~25% until May. You can resubmit failed requests but you should really upgrade instead.

If you need help with migration, check out this resource.


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Google Rolls Out Black Friday, Cyber Monday Ad Units


Limited-Time Ads Units Focus on Biggest Shopping Weekend in North America

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Google has rolled out an experimental ad format to help advertisers promote their sales and deals. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are widely considered some of the biggest shopping events in North America, it makes sense that Google would want to support advertisers looking to take advantage of curious shoppers in the online market. According to Google, 100% of searches for “Black Friday” occurred between November 19 and 25 in 2017. This promotion extension is an opportunity to increase your brand’s availability in this highly competitive window of time.

Limited-Time Availability

Running from November 15 to 27, this ad format is a simple promotion extension in Google Ads that targets specific keywords and keyword variations:

  • “black friday deals”
  • “black friday <product name> deals”
  • “black friday <company name> deals”
  • “cyber monday deals” and variants
  • Variations of the above

These ads, as usual, will show at the top of a search results page, but the unique promotion extension adds special offers to the main ad. Check out an example we found below: An example of Google Ads' Black Friday extension. As you can see, the ad shows off some of the top deals available online at the moment, including the discount and a bit of additional information for availability.

Who Can Use These Ads? How Do You Get Started?

These ads and promotion extensions are available to all English-speaking AdWords users and advertisers, but that doesn’t guarantee your promotion will show up in the list. The first step is to add promotion extensions to the Google Ads interface. Next, you can create ad groups to target Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday keywords, and then write your ad copy. Keep in mind your ad copy is the biggest determinant in whether your ads and promotions are shown off! Interested in learning more about PPC, AdWords, and other advertising options? Start here: https://creativetrnd.com/digital-marketing/get-impressive-results-with-ppc-website-marketing/ https://creativetrnd.com/blog/ppc-ads-vs-content-marketing-better/

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