5 Benefits Of Influencer Marketing Word Of Mouth 2.0

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You probably already heard of the term ‘influencer marketing’ and noticed how popular it is. You might think it’s only a trend and isn’t that relevant, important, or beneficial. And you would be wrong. Because, actually, it’s beneficial for both the brand and the influencer.

Think of it as word of mouth – we all know that’s the most successful and priceless marketing tactic. With influencer marketing, you’re kind of reenacting word of mouth. The best part about it? The good word will reach the people it was supposed to reach.

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They Can Reach Your Target Audience

Your prospect will likely look at the reviews of your product before purchasing it, we all agree, right? Right. Today, in more and more cases, consumers also look for influencers to get their recommendations about a product or a service. Also, a growing number of social media platforms have increased their potential to reach your target audience. If you do your research right and know what kind of followers an influencer has, you can easily find the one who shares the same target as you, collaborate with them and reap the benefits.

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They Get People Talking About You

Through influencer marketing, you can gain a larger audience and a stronger position in the market. Why? Because their followers learn more about your brand, story, products, services, etc. Plus, when you partner up with an influencer, it’s an indication that your brand is the industry’s leader. And that has to be a good thing.


They Help You Build Trust

It’s simple – if a famous person with a bunch to lose says your brand is awesome and stands behind it, people will trust them – and therefore, people will trust you. In essence, when a brand is recognized and trusted by someone with authority in a specific industry, it promotes trustworthiness and leadership – both crucial things needed for a brand’s success.

They Are Today’s Trendsetters

And you want to be popular. Often, influencers are the go-to resource to hear about a new product. Why wouldn’t that product be YOUR product? You can build a campaign including a review of your product by a particular influencer (or more of them!). Their followers respect them and their opinion, and will most likely take the influencers’ opinion as it is, making your product the hot new thing in the industry.


They Increase Sales

Let’s say someone is looking for a great new moisturizer. They will go above and beyond with their research hoping they will find the best one for their skin. And they will probably take a look at some reviews on social media. If they end up on a respected influencer’s channel that happens to be praising your product (and maybe offer a discount code), the particular dry-skinned person will most likely give it a go and try out your moisturizer.

The Takeaway

There’s no point in denying that influencer marketing works. If it wouldn’t, no one would do it. If you’re looking to improve your consumer trust and brand awareness, an influencer marketing campaign might be the thing you need. With their specific audience and authority in the industry, influencers can help you reach new customers and build trust.

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Using Linkless Backlinks and Mentions for SEO


How SEO Services are Adapting to New Search Engine Ranking Trends

If you’ve spent any amount of time exploring SEO, you’ve likely heard about backlinks and link building. Simply put, the goal of link building is to increase the number and quality of inbound links (backlinks) to a website. As a website gets more inbound links, their search engine ranking typically improves. But as more sites use link-building strategies, search engines aren’t always providing the most relevant content for searchers. That’s where the “linkless” backlink, or mention, comes in. These mentions rely less on traditional link building, which took advantage of Google’s now-defunct PageRank tool. Instead, SEO services are focusing on building brand awareness and brand mentions in the wider web, all without the need for messy link tagging and vetting. Here’s how it works:

“Linkless” Backlinks and Mentions

Mentions effectively capture attention.
Let’s make one thing clear: links still matter. If you have a backlink-building strategy that still works, there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken. In fact, many of the principles of traditional link building still apply to mentions and “linkless” backlinks. Linkless mentions rely on intelligent, context-sensitive search engines that detect mentions of a brand to build trust. In essence, the more people talking about your brand, the more likely your brand is to get an invaluable boost to SEO. You’re still trying to build quality, shareable content. But you don’t have to worry about that invaluable link tag. Mentions and linkless backlinks can take many forms, and all rely on quality, engaging content.

Thought Leadership

Google and other search engines pay more attention to industry leaders. So post content about your industry, develop thought leadership, and make contributions to your industry. You can establish yourself, your brand, and your brand authority by posting quality industry-specific content.

Useful and Relevant Content

Google provides searchers with relevant content that will be helpful. Don’t post content that isn’t directly related to your industry. Google will be unable to associate your brand with your products if you do this. Instead, create content based on commonly-asked customer questions about your products/services, innovations in your industry, and anything interesting, engaging, and helpful that is directly related to your business.

SEO services that focus on positive social media and positive reviews.
Good reviews get a thumbs up from search engines.

Social Media

Your social media pages are the best place to actively engage with customers. In other words, be social. Post engaging campaigns that will engage users and boost brand awareness. These could be funny, entertaining, or helpful, whatever you need to do to positively engage users and get your brand out there. Like a review section on your website, your social media pages are also a suitable place to start a discussion with users. Regular engagement develops relationships, in turn creating trust in your brand. This manifests as recommendations and mentions elsewhere on the web. Once your social media accounts are up and engaging users, Google will have everything it needs to know about your brand to fill in the missing pieces. Since Google increasingly focuses on user needs, moving away from old-school link-building shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It just means that SEO services must focus on what really matters and makes sense for users.

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