4 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Power Your SEO Rankings

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SEOThere’s been much discussion around the impact of social signals on search engine results. One thing’s for certain–Every social media platform that your business is represented on, where you regularly engage and interact with your target audience, can have a positive impact on your company’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) and for your organic SEO. In fact, social media marketing should be part of your company’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy as it can positively influence your rankings, in the following 4 ways:

1. Social Sites Can Be a Source of Website Traffic

It’s proven that timely, relevant content on your social media sites drives engagement and fuels conversation around your brand and business. Interesting social content gets “liked”, commented on, and most importantly–shared! This sharing may be within other social sites, via email, in an online presentation, or used in other website content. Popularity and buzz around your brand fuels interest and drives traffic to your website. Those that visit your site clearly have an expressed interest, and for that reason they’ll likely spend more time browsing rather than be an “accidental” visitor. A popular company or brand that’s the subject of social discussion, that has many external links back to its website, and consequently, a lot of traffic, is likely to rank more favourably in organized searches.

2. The Nature of Social Content Triggers Interest

Social media marketing makes great use of multimedia, such as videos, images and infographics, to quickly and effectively engage an audience. The content is delivered in an easy to digest format and resonates with audiences more so than plain text, thereby making this type of media easy to share, repost, or re-tweet. Each interaction with your company via social media channels sparks interest in your company and increases the probability of users clicking on the direct links back to your website. Increasing your overall shares generates more search traffic.

3. Opportunities to Engage in Trending Discussions

Social media is a terrific platform to spark conversations with targeted audiences, and the potential reach is vast. You can start by asking questions and engaging your audience in discussions around trending topics, and using hashtags as a strategy to interact with sizeable (and new) audiences. Trending topics generate a lot of buzz, and being involved means that your brand is gaining exposure. When participants share your posts and tweets, not only is your message getting out there, but your company’s popularity and relevance in relation to that topic is also growing. When those same topics are typed in search engines, you’ll likely appear. Increased awareness of your brand does great things for your SEO rankings.social media marketing

4. Social Media Engagement Leads to Quicker Indexing of Content

If a higher ranking on the SERP is your objective, then having highly relevant, original, and interesting content, both on your website and social media sites is a must. Social media may help your organic SEO results because content that’s shared on your social sites–especially on Google’s very own social network, Google+ –can result in this content being indexed in the search engines more quickly. Social media marketing plays an important role in fueling your presence on organic search. If your business is considering a comprehensive digital strategy that will help boost your company or brand’s popularity and position on the SERPs, then you should consider this quote by Sonia Simone, co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Copyblogger: “Google is like a mean high school girl” – you can’t just approach her and assume she will let you sit at the head of her lunch table… those in her circle must “like” you first.

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SEO’s Community Take On Recent Google Updates


As we all know, Google has just been pelting us with updates, it seems like every time the wind changes direction there’s a new one. Most recently, Google’s product reviews and the September broad core update were ongoing and wrapped up on September 26th.

With both updates running at the same time, users across the SEO community were trying to figure which update impacted their site. There seems to be lots of frustration around these updates which is definitely no surprise.

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One user from SEO roundtable commented about how these continuous updates are blindly impacting sites and changing the game for SEO. But now that they are both done, many users are now looking at the damage to their page.

Rundown on the Broad Core & Products Review

Both the broad core and product reviews updates had and continue to have impacts on user sites since the first few days they both launched. Google’s fifth product reviews update launched on September 20th and has already had users talking.

Its launch came just a little over a week after the most recent broad core update, which was on the 12th of September. Product reviews update took only 6 days to finalize while the broad core update spanned over a two-week rollout period.

Some were wondering if one update might be stronger than the other since the broad core targets all kinds of content, unlike product reviews which looks at a smaller group of content.

It is said that for both the broad core and product reviews update, the update is not to penalizing site content. Instead, as Google repeatedly says, these updates are intended to reward websites and the research behind their content.

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The SEO Community’s Take

Many users have been hit and SEO experts across the board are indeed monitoring the impacts closely.

Many started tracking what the updates were doing to sites around the time that the broad core update dropped. After that, they then continued on with the product reviews. Here’s a tweet from Glenn Gabe:



As Barry Schwartz from SEO roundtable says in his research about impacts of both updates:

“…Google would not tell me what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update.”
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It should be interesting to see what fallout there is from these updates in the coming weeks. Notably, experts will be watching the updates but especially because of periodic updates.

Yes, that’s right, Google won’t necessarily be notifying everyone if a periodic update is running. That goes for the Google product reviews update and the broad core. Many will simply have to watch and wait for the performance on their site to update.

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Google’s Core & Product Reviews Update Rolled Out


Google has confirmed that both of the updates are now fully rolled out. Yup, there were two going on at the same time: September 2022 Core Update launched two weeks ago, and the Product Reviews one that was launched a week later.

Now, we analyze. As we always say, you should wait for the updates to fully roll out before assessing the damage done. If you’ve been hit this time, it might be the result of one or even both of the updates. How to know if you’ve been hit?

September 2022 Core Update

This one hit fast, but had less of an impact than the previous updates. Yes, there was some volatility regarding the ranks, but no massive impact was noted among the SEO community.

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Core updates affect entire sites and John Mueller explained how:

With the core updates we don’t focus so much on just individual issues, but rather the relevance of the website overall. And that can include things like the usability, and the ads on a page, but it’s essentially the website overall.”

So, if the majority of your pages experienced changes in ranking, chances are it’s a result of the update.  If you have been hit, Google shared some advice that might help you out. It includes a list of questions you might ask yourself before deciding if there’s anything to fix.

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The Product Review Update

With this update, it might be easier to know if you’ve been impacted by it or not. This is because it affects search results for product reviews. So, if you don’t usually publish reviews, you cannot be impacted by the update.

If you do, take a look at your rankings. There is a good chance that the product review update is responsible for changes on product review pages. If your website’s ranking changes across the entire site, however, you can credit the core update.

How to fix the damage the update might have done? Google has a solution for that one, too. Here’s some:

  • Flex the expertise – offer expert knowledge about products
  • Show what’s the product like, how to use it, say something interesting about it, valuable information people can use
  • Let your readers know why this product is better than the competition’s one
  • Go in-depth and do research – what are your main selling points? What piece of information would convince your readers to buy the product?
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We’re sure there will be more analyzing of the impact these updates made. Stay tuned!

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