4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger Extraordinaire!

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Why blogging is a highly effective tool to boost your digital marketing game…as illustrated by some of your favourite TV characters!

Welcome to our blog, a magical place where we share our ideas and thoughts about digital marketing with the online world. We make concerted efforts to regularly update our blog with information that our clients, potential clients, and people simply browsing the web can actually put to use for their own businesses. Why is blogging such a huge part of what we do? And why bother spending the time trying to teach people about digital marketing? The better question is, why should you do the same?


Search engines will reward you handsomely if you consistently update your website with new and highly relevant content. You gotta keep things fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air if you want to rank!

the fresh prince of bel air is dancing because he loves fresh blog content
Nothing like fresh blog content to brighten up our day!

But beware, this is not to get confused with writing blogs just for the sake of inundating your site with content. This won’t do much for your digital marketing efforts. If you’re going to write a blog, make sure you write something that is meaningful and adds value to your audience – something so good they have to share it. This will also help you gain backlinks to your website, another major factor that puts your business in Google’s good graces. For example, you wrote a blog post so useful and topical in your industry that a few bloggers have linked your blog post inside their own content. These links – reputable links, not spam – add to your SEO score.


Speaking of providing value, blogging is a sure-fire way to help connect with people visiting your website and giving them useful and actionable information. Imagine that you’re running a successful local bakery and you decide that you want to do a little extra for your customers. You start writing short blog posts on how to bake special recipes, tips on designing cupcakes, and more. But wait! A magician never reveals their tricks; why would I give away this knowledge for free? Well, here’s the thing, your customers will appreciate that you’re taking the time to offer them tips and tricks on how to bake cupcakes, which only strengthens your image in the eyes of the public. The fact that they are on your website in the first place indicates that they are probably willing to buy cupcakes rather than bake something themselves anyway. Sure, some might attempt it, but that should be fine because the intention is to help someone. In the end, you are the expert, the Grand Cupcake Master so to speak, and customers know that.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman know how to provide value to their customers.
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) sure know how to provide value to their customers.

Blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy is not about giving away all your secrets. The idea is to start with basics and go into some details about certain facets of the product/service that you offer. This gives people a foundation of knowledge about what you do while intriguing them further about the business.


In addition to providing value to your customers and potential new customers, writing accurate, relevant, and interesting content strengthens your credibility, trustworthiness and brand’s image. When your website is being updated consistently, it demonstrates that you are putting a real effort into your business and that you genuinely care about its success, as well as your customers. Let’s say you’re browsing for a good computer repair company and decide to compare two of the top search results. Both websites look great, offer pretty much the same services, have the same prices, but one of them regularly updates their blog with useful tips on maintaining your computer while the other doesn’t. Which company would you trust more? Think of your business and brand as a living, breathing person. The content on your website determines your brand’s “voice” and “personality”. What kind of impression do you want to project onto the world?

Daenerys Targaryen's brand commands a crowd of freed Meereenese slaves
Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) certainly knows how to get people to follow her and believe in her brand.

It also helps to engage in a little bit of competitor analysis. Who are the thought leaders in your industry? Do you know which popular bloggers you can draw some ideas from? No plagiarism here, just getting a little inspiration. And don’t forget to look at what your competitors are doing wrong so you can pick up their slack.


More links on your website = more chances for your site to be found online = more traffic = more leads = more sales. To clarify, more visits to your site doesn’t always equal more sales, but if you are posting blogs that are relevant to your audience, conducive to informing them and answer questions they may have, chances are they are visitors you want to convert into paying customers.

Don Draper is winking because he knows how to drive traffic
Donald Draper (Mad Men) is a pro at driving traffic into his, ahem, bedroom.

Increasing the chances of getting your website seen also increases the chances of introducing people to your brand. If the person visiting your blog has already heard of your business, then it simply serves as a reminder of who you are. We’ve had several instances where a client’s blog post ranks on search engines for a keyword. In some instances, the website might not have ranked for that keyword otherwise.

In Conclusion…

As you’ve probably noticed, these reasons for why you should blog all overlap and complement each other. You really can’t have one without another. Many of our clients see the value of blogging for their digital marketing strategy, but simply lack the time or internal resources to write content on a consistent basis. There are some people that just don’t like to write or aren’t good at it. There’s nothing wrong with this, everyone has their strengths and preferences. This is why our clients come to us for our expertise in creating content and maintaining their blogs. And judging from the regular analyses of our clients’ search engine rankings, it works!

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