10 Expert Tips For Building a Killer Video Marketing Strategy Your Brand Deserves a High Quality Video – Here’s How to Make One

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Have you ever seen a commercial that you couldn’t stop thinking about? Odds are, you were able to remember both the commercial’s content and the brand it was advertising.

Videos have that kind of power. That’s why video marketing has been a consistently popular strategy for decades, and is only getting more popular. In fact, one survey of internet users found that video ads were the top way they discovered new brands that they later purchased from.

Creating great videos is harder than it sounds. Search the web, and you’ll find plenty of videos that miss the mark – they don’t look professional, they fail to show off the product or service in question, and they end up pushing viewers away, rather than converting them into customers.

You might find yourself challenged with some of these problems. For example, you could have a great idea, but you’re not sure how to execute it. Or, you might be stuck on how to produce a video that keeps viewers’ attention.

Have no fear – our video team has been producing high-quality brand videos for a long time, and we’ve decided to share our top tips with you! We think of these tips every time we produce high quality videos that tell the stories of brands that viewers come to love.

What is Video Marketing?

Definition: using quality videos to show off your brand and convince viewers that the product or service is right for them. Video marketing isn’t guess work, and a bad video can turn viewers away. That’s why it’s important to consider each element carefully.

“Once I have an idea in mind, it takes hours of brainstorming sessions, and planning to execute my vision,” says Jean-Michel Beaudin, our Production Director.

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Check out our top ten tips below.

Tell your brand’s story

You’re excited to show off the benefits that your product or service could bring to your viewers. Don’t let your excitement overshadow one important element: your brand’s story.

A good video should have some heart: what’s your brand’s history? Why does it exist? Who are the great people who work hard to make your brand shine?

By including a compelling narrative, your viewers will do more than simply look at a product; they’ll start to form a connection.

Find your ‘it factor’

A strong video shouldn’t just make your brand look good – it should show the viewer why your brand is remarkable and unique! Find your angle and put it at centre stage.

You may have already considered a unique selling point, or USP, for your brand – this is a concept used in marketing to show that your brand is distinct from competitors, and ideally, better than them as well. Think of a creative way to centre your video around your USP!

Show, don’t tell

Is it worth having someone read copy over your video? Sure – a narrator can keep your video moving smoothly. Be careful, though. It’s better to show your product or service in action rather than simply describe it.

Viewers will respond to things that are visually appealing, moreso than they will respond to things that are described in an appealing way. Remember the old saying: a picture says a thousand words!

Every second counts

Lengthy videos can be useful – but they’re not really what viewers are interested in. The average person’s attention span is lower than you might realize – it’s about 8 seconds! The idea of having to commit to watching a long video can and will scare viewers away.

Instead, keep your videos short and to-the-point. If you use effective language and visuals, you won’t need the extra minutes or seconds.

Make useful videos

Not every video has to look like a commercial. You can attract viewers simply by giving them video content they’re already looking for.

Tutorials are a great example. Many scourge the web to find instructional videos, and if you can find a way to tie your brand into a tutorial, you’ll rack up viewers in a flash.

Create an atmosphere

With the right techniques, you can make the viewer feel a certain mood or emotion while they watch your video. Do you want them to be excited, intimidated, or even inspired?

Consider the narration style, lighting, and background music – as well as each of your video’s other elements – to create an atmosphere that works for your brand.

Don’t forget about sound quality

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how your video looks, but don’t underestimate the importance of how your video sounds. To produce a quality video, you’ll need to consider audio while you record and while you edit.

  • Environment matters. Record in a place with no strong echo or distracting background noises.

  • Record with the best sound equipment you can get. A boom mic can record better quality sound than, say, your phone.

  • If your video features multiple sources of audio, keep in mind that a voice should always be the loudest, most clear sound.

  • If you use background music, it should be subtle, rather than overpower more important elements.

Accessibility is key

Plenty of your site’s visitors have disabilities and conditions that can make your content more difficult to access. Making your content accessible isn’t just helpful – it’s a standard practice that websites must comply with. Here are a few ways to make your video accessible to everyone:

  • Add a transcript of your video’s narration, or include closed captions.

  • Avoid placing rapid flashing lights in your video.

  • Add a description of what is happening in your video.

  • Make sure your video’s file size is not too large, as those with poor internet connections won’t be able to load it.

Optimize your video

This step is important, but it’s often overlooked. To optimize a video means to ensure that all relevant info boxes are filled in. Specifically, you should add a title, a description (with keywords!), tags, and a thumbnail.

Optimization can help your videos appear higher in Google searches, which is exactly what you want.

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Make your brand stick in your viewers’ minds

Brand recognition is an important concept in all areas of marketing. The term refers to the way which the audience is able to retain information about your brand. If you do this well, viewers will think of your brand long after they finish interacting with your content – as a result, they’ll revisit your site and spread the word about your brand.

That’s why it’s important to use the right techniques in your video. Show off your brand’s logo, use a colour palette that makes sense, and give viewers something to take with them – a surprising piece of info, or an opportunity to see their own lives improve with your product or service.

Next time you shoot a video to showcase your brand, think of the tips we shared above. We guarantee you’ll end up with a video that:

  • Gives a lively view of your product or service

  • Captures viewers’ interest

  • Turns viewers into customers

Wade Morris

Wade brings an energetic approach to writing – he is always on the hunt for stories and angles that matter. With years of experience in journalism and marketing environments, Wade has written about everything from politics to education. Now, he writes about SEO and digital marketing trends.

Hiring Professionals is your Best Bet for Effective Video Marketing


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  • Two: Videos are concise, powerful & make a strong impression. Your viewers will remember ninety-five per cent of what they see, as opposed to only ten per cent of what they read.
  • Three: Video marketing increases your reach. You’re nearly fifty times more likely to be on Google’s front page, where ninety-one per cent of all Google traffic happens, if your site has a video.
  • Four: Want to drive engagement? Engage your audience. Sixty per cent of your visitors will watch a video on your site before they read the text. They’ll stay on your site seven times longer, and are three times more likely to link to you on social media.
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