Google Crawling Happening Outside the U.S

Do you live outside of the U.S. and wish that Google would crawl your site’s pages? Well, your wish has just come true, kind of. This is all news to us too but this surprise started with an announcement by a Google representative.

Where Is Google Crawling Then?

Search Engine Roundtable reports that a Google representative named Gary Illyes announced that Googlebot could now crawl outside of the United States. Googlebot is the title used to refer to Google’s web crawler which is used on desktop sites and mobile sites.

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Illyes states that the “system to handle this is currently live but may not be used in all cases or it may not be used at all for your site,” Search Engine Roundtable reports. However, after he read reports stating that he had made claims crawling was currently happening outside of the United States, he clarifies his claim.

Especially, since in the past Google has said that crawling outside the United States wouldn’t prove to be as useful as one would think. That can be seen in the video hangout just below.

Gary Illyes says that he was discussing Google’s crawling abilities outside of the Unites States. Specifically, in reference to the IP block that have been assigned to countries which could be used in the future for crawling externally.

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Twitter Chatter

Others have spoken on the matter of Googlebot crawling outside of the United States. Webmaster and Google Products Expert Kenichi Suzuki took to Twitter to explain the claim. Here’s what he had to say about the matter.

For now it seems like Googlebot is going to stay crawling in the Unites States and external crawling might be tabled for now. Keep an eye on Twitter feeds and Webmaster world for more word in the future!

Google’s Newest Resources For Ranking Algorithms

You heard right! Google has released a centralized resources listing live and “notable” ranking updates. Found under the Ranking and search appearance menu on Google Search Central, a complete guide listing all you need to know about Google’s search ranking.

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What’s New In

The search engine’s Guide To Google Search Ranking System is perfect for any user who wants a run down of all Google’s historical and current systems. Historical systems as in one that are no longer running or involved with other algorithms. Current systems as in system still active and in use.

According to a blog post, the guide is intended to be a one-stop shop for creators to learn about how Google’s ranking systems work and how they can change. The post also explained that Google is transitioning to using systems ‘instead’ of ‘update’ as language to notify users of changes to Google’s Ranking.

So keep an eye out for ranking updates, or should we say ranking systems in the future.

Active and Inactive Ranking Systems

One of the great things about Google’s new ranking system guide is that it lists all the systems that are both active and inactive. Search Engine Roundtable reports some of the active systems include MUM, local news systems, products reviews system, helpful content system, and many more.

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On the flip side, systems like Hummingbird, Mobile-friendly ranking, Page speed, and panda are no longer actively used in search ranking.

YouTube’s New Community Post Options

It’s been a hot second since YouTube introduced Community Posts. That’s not stopping them from testing out a couple of new features to amp things up.

These new features are exciting and so helpful for engaging your audience. But before we dive into the new features, let’s back it up a sec and go over what even is Community Posts.

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Community Posts

This section of YouTube is available under the community tab where ta-da, you’ll find community posts. Community posts are “feed-based updates…which can be accessed on YouTube channels with over 500 subscribers,” reports Social Media Today.

In a blog post, Community Posts are described as a social media style update feed consisting of “polls, GIFs, text, images, and video.” Community Posts is a great feature because it encourages more engagement and interaction outside your typically YouTube video engagement.

Take a look at this video showcasing the Community Tab where you’ll be able to use all the great features community posts provides.

Quizzes & Visual Editing Tools

Now onto the new updates! Quizzes is a feature being added to community posts. YouTube has not published a document outlining the specific feature but YouTube’s Creator Insider channel posted a video outlining the specific goals of the feature.

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Here’s a snippet from the video:

“Quizzes introduce a new, interactive way for creators to engage with viewers, and in cases of educational channels, help them learn. We’re beginning to test the quizzes beta with a small number of creators and will look to expand in the future based on feedback.”

Everyone loves visuals so you’ll be glad to hear that there’s new additions added to the visual editing tools. Making interactions and engagements between users better!

TikTok’s New Audience Feature

Guess what? TikTok has a new feature for advertisers!

This past week, Audience Insights was introduced. The new feature comes equipped with a bunch of new capabilities that allow TikTok advertisers to gather more specific information on their audience.

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What’s New

This new feature includes a handful of sweet features that are going to help out users tailor their content more towards their viewers. TikTok’s Audience Insights is now available globally within the Ads Manager section of the app, Social Media Today reports.

A blog post from TikTok for Business explains that the feature allows advertiser to  “explore TikTok user interests, discover aggregate audience information, and strengthen your audience planning workflow.” Advertisers having access to insight on age demographics and behaviors is a game changer and helpful in understanding users more.

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Within the Ad manager, Audience Insights has a set of filters which advertiser can use to understand their audience. Some of the categories include: gender splits, age demographics, video interactions, hashtag interactions, and more!

Ways Audience Insights Can Be Used

Speaking of how advertisers can use features such as video interactions, TikTok gave us some tips. In TikTok from Business’s most recent blog post they outlines some ways that advertisers can use Audience Insights to guide their work.

Here’s are the main points TikTok listed:

  1. Discover insights to plan your campaign
  2. Validate and learn about your audience
  3. Find inspiration for targeting and creative strategies
  4. Explore top hashtags and interest categories to plan your content

The options are endless for how advertisers can use these tools to understand their audience better. Better understanding means better content and happier viewers!

You Guessed It! Another Google Algorithm Update

Here it is again! Most of you don’t have to guess, you already know. This past weekend another Google algorithm was noticed. It certainly isn’t the first to occur over the weekend and it likely won’t be the last.

Notes On The Algorithm Update

Every time a weekend rolls around, Google seems to take that opportunity to run some algorithm updates. This time the modifications seem to be pretty in line with the last algorithm update. Some notable differences involve changes in “ranking, visibility and traffic changes via Google Search. Plus, most of the tools are showing spikes and volatility from Google Search over the weekend,” Search Engine Roundtable reports.

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As always, whenever there is a ranking or search algorithm updates, SEOs are all over Twitter and WebmasterWorld. User @ichthyous made a comment about the impacts they’ve seen occurring based off the update.

“A huge drop in direct traffic starting yesterday at 10am sharp and lasting the entire rest of the day. This morning my search traffic is down 62% and direct is down 43%. USA, UK, CA, AU, DE and AE traffic all affected heavily. Anyone else seeing a big drop starting yesterday?”, says @ichthyous on WebmasterWorld.

You can also see the impact he’s taking about when taking a look at sites like SEMrush.

Here’s a snippet of the hits that SEO Roundtable captured.

H2: Past Google Algorithm Updates

Its’ funny that every time Google seems to run an update on algorithms, it is over the weekend. And more often than not its typically one we weren’t made aware of which meaning finding out by tracking. The last unconfirmed update rolled out over the weekend of November 11th and 12th.

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Before that, by multiple accounts, every weekend its something. Take October for example, the October 2022 Spam Update received an unconfirmed update on October 21st. Everyone is just going to have to keep their eyes peeled every weekend.

You never know, maybe Google will make it a regular thing if it isn’t already!

New Features For Google Search Console

Calling all Google Search Console Users! You’re in for another treat this week, as Google has made changes to Search Console.

Lately, Google has been making lots of updates about shopping tools and ads. This time they’ve given some love to Search Console by adding shopping and merchant features!

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What’s New

In the Google Search Console, a brand new shopping section has been added. “Google added a shopping tab that includes a quick way to create a Merchant Center account, access to your product snippets, merchant listings and shopping tab listings performance and debugging,” reports SEO Roundtable.

Take a look at the brand new shopping tab!

For those of you eager to put the update to use, you may have to wait a little while for it to be fully up and running. According to this blog post, the shopping tab and merchant center is mapped to rollout over the next couple of weeks.

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Search Console Merchants will allow account holders to make their account using a simplified sign up process, avoiding site ownership re-verification. We love a good streamlined experience. Here’s what Google had to say about the process:

“This streamlined experience will get products quickly on the Shopping tab on Google and help merchants reach people looking for product.”

If you’re not seeing the new features in Search Console just yet, remember the rollout is scheduled over a few weeks so be patient!

Google Just Dropped A Bunch of New Features!

With Black Friday approaching, shoppers are getting all geared up to hit the store. But maybe you’re more of a Cyber Monday type of shopper, well there’s some good news just been announced for you! Google announced the launch of several new search features to help users in their online quests. The new features are integrated across Search, Maps, Shopping and even Google Lens. We don’t know about all of you but that sounds like a good deal to us!

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Google Maps Update: Live View & EV

Big changes have come to Google Maps! Starting off strong with an exciting new feature that enables you to see what is happening at a select location in live time. Although this isn’t live streaming by clicking on the camera option you will see a more accurate display of a location in real time.

To use this feature you must hop onto the Google Maps app and go to town using augmented reality!

That’s not the only thing Google Maps has new in-store. Maps also includes filters for charging station so you can find an EV all that much faster. This can show CSS and CHAdeMo charges that do 350kW or even 50Kw, plus Google may even show their availability,” Search Engine Land reports.

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Its important that everyone gets to take advantage of these new features so Google’s new filtering for wheelchair-accessible entrances is the best!

Google Shopping: AR Beauty & AR Shoes

Augmented reality is really stealing the spotlight on this round of updates. The update for shopping is really a huge step forward, especially in the beauty industry. With the new AR update, you can select a stock model and tryout shades of foundation or lipstick you’ve been wanting.

“Google added a new photo library with 150 models representing a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and skin types to help you accurately test over 2,000 foundation shades from a wide selection of brands,” reported Search Engine Land.

Also another unique feature added is the AR option for trying on shoes. You can twist and turn in all angles to see what the kicks you’ve been eyeing would look like on you.

Search On

Most of these updates were announced at the Google SearchOn 22 event! These features were in testing phases and now that they’ve launched keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

You Can Go Shopping On TikTok!

Your dreams have come true–at least for every Gen Z shopaholic!

TikTok has an early holiday gift for users with the launch of their brand new in-app ecommerce feature! Such a smart move for TikTok especially with their recent shopping ad changes.

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Now you can feed your shopping addiction directly on the app. Watch a haul TikTok or some UGC and then let the shop begin!

TikTok Shop

Now that we’ve got your attention with this brand new feature–we supposed you’ll be wanting to know what its called. Drumroll please! Introducing to you TikTok Shop.

TikTok has snuck in to the US e-commerce market, they had to be subtle with this launch due to all the controversy surrounding politics lately. It is “officially testing in the U.S. this week. It was previously only available in the UK and seven countries in Southeast Asia,” reports Search Engine Land

The social media company has dipped their toes into shopping features before but this is really a big addition for users. You can now purchase items without even leaving the app.

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The feature is “live on profiles, in a separate tab, where users can browse products, and even make a purchase, without leaving the app,” Social Media Today reports.

Just in time for black Friday shopping, TikTok business owners that have access to the feature can begin setting up their products for sale.

Google’s Target Frequency Gives You More Control

It’s that time again! Google has rolled out another feature and it will give you more agency over your ads. Target frequency is Google’s latest gift to advertisers on YouTube.

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This feature was already integrated however there were some restrictions on usability for users. Good news, now the “target frequency capability is globally available for all advertisers running YouTube campaigns,” Search Engine Journal reports.

Why Target Frequency Is Important

Google says it has always been a balancing act to find the ideal video ad frequency for both viewers and advertisers. Seeing the same ad over and over again would drive anyone nuts. But this is why target frequency is helpful to both advertisers and viewers alike.

So far users seem to be happy about the availability of Target frequency, this is what one user tweeted:

Google’s launch of Targets frequency for all YouTube campaigns will be such a useful tool for advertisers. “This will help advertisers optimize towards more precise reach and frequency, while ensuring that we continue to provide a suitable advertising experience for viewers,” Google reports in a recent blog post.

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I mean come on who wouldn’t love that–its basically a win win situation. Google goes on to explain that advertisers can choose a frequency objective of up to four times per week through Target Frequency. Even better, their systems will optimize for greatest unique reach at that chosen frequency.

Google’s Recent Work on Ads

This is just another step forward for Google in making Ads and campaigns more effective for the user and advertiser.

Earlier in October, Google announced the launch of Google Ads Content Suitability Center. Following that Google rolled out My Ad Center. Seems like ad usability and visibility are being prioritized by Google, which we love to hear!

Google’s Ranking Algorithm Had Another Update!

Google’s always innovating and part of that is making sure their algorithms are doing the best job to prioritize search for users. Over the weekend, the search ranking algorithm is speculated to have had another update.

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As always, Google doesn’t always let us know when something is happening so many are saying its an unconfirmed update.

Unconfirmed Updated On The 11th & 12th

Many noticed changes to volatility signals leading into the weekend. “I see more volatility signals on the weekends with Google Search than I do during the weekdays,” Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable reports.

It seems like the unconfirmed updates seem to be happening around the weekends. Think about it! Barry Schwartz might be picking up on Google’s algorithm update schedule as he suspects the same.

Thinking back to October, we saw lots of updates happening. Spam updates were unconfirmed over the weekend of October 21st & 22nd and there reports updates earlier this November over the weekend.

SEOs Tweetering

Although Twitter is turning into somewhat of a dumpster fire these days, SEO are still keeping on top of Google ranking updates.

Here’s a tweet from Taylor Kurtz mentioning the SERPs:

Typically, when these updates occur and volatility is soaring come the weekend, SEO experts across the board tend to keep an eye on rankings.

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Past Updates

In the past few months we’ve seen quite a few updates rolling out from Google. In September we saw the Google Product Reviews update and the Helpful Content Update rolling out for users. Once the month moved along, the October 2022 Spam Update was more less front and center.

As for the Google Ranking Updates, keeping an eye on volatility and rankings is a great way to make sure no surprise updates are snuck in without you knowing.